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Aims and Scope

Environmental Engineering and Management Journal  is an international journal that publishes reviewed
original research papers of both experimental and theoretical nature in the following areas:

  • environmental impact assessment;
  • environmental integrated management;
  • risk assessment and management;
  • environmental chemistry;
  • environmental protection technologies (water, air, soil);
  • pollution reduction at source and waste minimization;
  • chemical and biological process engineering;
  • cleaner production, products and services;
  • sensors in environment control;
  • sources of radiation and protection technologies;
  • waste valorization technologies and management;
  • environmental biotechnology;
  • energy and environment;
  • modelling, simulation and optimization for environmental protection;
  • technologies for drinking and industrial water;
  • life cycle assessments of products;
  • environmental strategies and policies;
  • cost-profitt analysis in environmental protection;
  • eco-industry and environmental market;
  • environmental education and sustainable development
Environmental Engineering and Management Journal will publish:
  • original communications describing important new discoveries or further developments in the above-mentioned topics;
  • reviews, mainly of new rapidly developing areas of environmental protection;
  • special themed issues on relevant topics;
  • advertising.
All manuscripts as well all correspondence for the
Environmental Engineering and Management Journal

should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief
using one of the following e-mail addresses:
eemjournal at yahoo.com, eem_journal at yahoo.com, eemjeditor at yahoo.com, eemj_editor at yahoo.com,
eemjournal at gmail.com, eemjeditor at gmail.com, eemj.office@gmail.com